Sep 12

I’m boring and I deleted.  Sorry.

Sep 07


Fun times to be had. 

More responsible times to be had.

Still looking for the best messages available. 

Aug 02
My pants.
They are gone.

My pants.

They are gone.

Aug 02

He called me “lovely”

Did he even read my profile?

Aug 02
  • Him: It's called a rim job. It feels good, I promise.
  • Me: Yeah, for you maybe...
Jul 18

sonyaellenmann said: I lol'd.

That’s all I can hope for :)

Jul 16

Within five minutes of meeting this guy I have been invited to opening night of the Lightning and Jason Aldean’s concert.  No sir, I do not want to walk into my own death trap.  I may look like a cheerleader, but I promise you: I am not as stupid as one.  

Jul 15


I am currently enrolled in HCC in Brandon Florida any my major is political science. I like to read and do research, I watch the news everyday and am caught up with current events and politics.

I am an atheist

— That About Sums Me Up (via jenni0989)
Jul 15

Flirting: You're Doing it Wrong

  • Him: Hey Baby
  • Me: No.
Jun 27

You're Doing It Right

  • Him: You're sexy
  • Me: Your grammar is sexy